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Design With Style,

Elegance & Simplicity

 Creating beautiful and unique spaces for you

What We Offer

For private clients and for developers with show homes, we create spaces that embrace elegance and style with simplicity.


Our designs are luxurious but functional as we know how to blend exquisite design with practicality. We will make your home as individual as you are, tailored to your personality and style.


Tina Wang

Tina has over 10 years’ experience in the interiors industry. After earning a university degree in China she relocated to the UK in 2002 and founded a property management company before expanding into property investment.

Working across investment and management for many years, Tina gained a wealth of experience and through her network across the Far East she then saw a gap in the market. Given her clients demand for ‘ turnkey solutions, she made the decision to utilise her interest further into interior design and therefore started an interior company.

Building on her wide experience of assisting clients in property investment and management, Tina then added interior design to her portfolio and established this in 2016.

Tina has established her reputation for luxurious design within the super-prime property market.

We are excited about the future, and where our business is going.


With our talented and diverse team of international designers we offer something slightly different to the current market. 

Co-Founder & Director

Judith Jia

Judith spent eight years in the private banking industry in Hong Kong and Beijing, serving a diverse group of high-net-worth clients from around the globe.


As one of our co-directors, Judith’s responsibilities encompass a range of essential areas, such as nurturing strong client relationships, overseeing project execution, and spearheading the development of innovative new products and services. 

Thanks to her close relationships with our suppliers, which consistently leads to the discovery of innovative products, Judith ensures our projects run smoothly. 

International Director

Shaniqua Johnson

Shaniqua’s early interest in interiors saw her receive a degree in Architectural Interior Design from Sheffield University. Her subsequent career, including working at a leading interior design firm, has given her experience in both design and property, and has allowed her to build up an extensive network of clients within the UK, the Far East and elsewhere.

Looking after her client network worldwide, Shaniqua often has travelled beyond the UK with property developers to meet with private clients. Given her interest in, and knowledge of, the design industry, Shaniqua is ideally qualified to influence our design team to foresee trends and utilise effective marketing strategies.

I have a passion for design, and everything it stands for. Luxurious interiors with style and elegance should be accessible to all.


We work closely with our clients to achieve their desired brief .

Who We Are

About Us

Muted Interiors brings together the talents of co-founders Tina Wang and Judith Jia, plus international director Shaniqua Johnson.

With considerable joint experience of working in the United Kingdom, Far East, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, the trio is expanding into more international markets, ready to fulfil the aspirations of all clients who desire exceptional interior design.

25 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1LW


020 8983 6555 


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